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RealWhey protein pro is a concentrate whey protein that comes with a whooping 81.9% protein content. The labeling has one small issue. It prints the raw protein percentage without the additives like digezyme and color and flavor. This led to a difference in the lab report that we had for this product.

The mixability or solubility had issues, specifically there were lumps even after shaking. We informed the company about this and they seemed to have taken it seriously.


Click the button for lab report ( Product sourced from real whey website )

Real Whey Protein Pro











  • Added Digezyme


  • Had small lumps after mixing
  • Expected lab report is a bit off from actual

5 thoughts on “Real Whey Protein Pro”

  1. Hari Ujwal says:

    As you reviewed real whey isolate “unflavored” this too should have been reviewed of the “unflavored” version and am sure the claimed protein percentage would match their claimed protein percentage. Also in your RW isolate lab report it is mentioned as “unflavored” in the report as well as in the heading of your page. Here too it should have been mentioned as “flavored”, as they clearly mention in their labels that the claimed protein content is for their unflavored versions. please buy a unflavored one and lab test it for an unbiased review. Thanks. Love the work you do. Keep it up.

    1. ankuchak says:

      Review is always unbiased. We mentioned that it is mentioned. But it should be mentioned in a more prominent way

  2. hari ujwal says:

    also i feel you should have reviewed the normal real whey protein and not the protein pro as i don’t think we need multivitamins and stuff in protein shakes all these extra items should be avoided and can be taken as multivitamin tablets for those who want to take it separately, I think the lab report will be perfect in the normal RW protein whey, in pro as all these extra things are added there will be some difference because of extra additives. so can u please send a RW protein whey for lab test

  3. hari ujwal says:

    bro why are my comments not visible how many days will you take to reply or approve my comments dint expect this from you at least very disappointing

    1. ankuchak says:

      When someone keeps on posting comments before the first one being approved and shows keen interest on a particular product or item, the system identifies all of those as spam and I have to manually push these back.
      So kindly wait for sometime before reposting comments.

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