Nakpro Platinum Whey Isolate


Nakpro is a supplement brand from Nakoda dairy in Karnataka. Nakoda dairy is the official importer of Hilmar's raw whey protein. During our test we found the solubility to be very good. There is however a faint bitter after taste to this raw whey protein.

The lab test and the claimed protein content came better than expected.


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Nakpro Platinum Whey Isolate

INR 1259










  • Price is very much affordable
  • Claimed protein content is very close to actual
  • Isolate product
  • Direct importer of Hilmar


  • Negative reviews across sales platforms

24 thoughts on “Nakpro Platinum Whey Isolate”

  1. Lokesh Kumar says:

    I think non availability of flavour is also a big con….

    1. ankuchak says:

      Agreed dear Lokesh. We are keeping flavor out of the scope as of now as that varies from person to person too much. But we will consider your suggestion for sure.

  2. Sarthak Sarkar says:

    Hi bro.. this is an amazing initiative..!
    bdw u have ranked nakpro platinum whey isolate as ur rank 1 till date, what about the as it is whey isolate?
    and when compared, which 1 tastes better? though both are unflavored..! 😛

    1. ankuchak says:

      Hi Sarthak. Thanks a lot for the well wishes.
      The ranking comes from the 4 aspects, claimed protein content, tested content, mixability and value for money. I try to highlight negative points in the description.
      So far I’ve not tested As It IS isolate. But will soon do as there are many requests.

      1. Sarthak Sarkar says:

        Thanks bro… eagerly waiting for that review of as it is whey isolate 🙂

        1. ankuchak says:

          Sent out. awaiting result

  3. Sarthak Sarkar says:

    And another request.. please do evaluate the whey proteins of Real Whey..
    I bought it after u suggested in one of ur videos..
    Would love to see the the lab test reports of Real whey protein pro and the isolate as well 🙂

    1. ankuchak says:

      Sure. Realwhey protein pro is already listed. It’s fine.
      I’ve sent the isolate for lab test.

  4. Jordan Lee says:

    Amino Acid Profiling for this would be great.

    1. ankuchak says:

      Sure. Maybe next time, we will have more votes for this to be Amino profiled.

  5. Lokesh Kandpal says:

    Sir i take bodyfirst whey protein which has prohydrolase enzyme technology of europe for better absorbtion of protein i take it for 2 months it is very light like water but i dought about the protein quantity in it please lab test it

  6. Nitin Bhanot says:

    Bro. I have doubt on this lab report, so please again tested from Eurofins. (Nakpro isolated whey protein)

    1. ankuchak says:

      That report was done by equinox lab which is also certified. I believe it is alright.
      However, if Nakpro wins in the poll, I will definitely do the protein test as well as amino profile test of it.

      1. Nitin Bhanot says:

        Thanks for your valuable reply. I just want to know is it good for weight loss and muscle building ???

  7. Edwin says:

    sir,Is this grass fed whey protien?
    can you do some analysis for grass fed whey protien?


  8. Yuvraj karn Singh says:

    I am a third year MBBS student.i purchased nakpro platinum whey isolate on the recommendation from this site as this product tops the list.But it’s taste is something like medicine how anyone can like such a bitter taste,secondly it produces a lot of foames like soap.i want to know what it makes to taste like medicine …..
    So plz don’t make a biased review..and this ranking is among which brands plzz mention…do u include foreign brands also…hope u reply

    1. ankuchak says:

      Froth is a nature of high protein product. The bitterness was reported in our review video. I you wish to find out how ranking is done, please head over to FAQ section.

  9. Kunal says:

    You should provide amino acid report of nakpro whey isolate even if the it doesn’t win in the poll because it is the highest rated whey in your list. You should be equally sure about that rating and also your viewers need to be sure(because most of them can’t afford to buy highly priced products)

    1. ankuchak says:

      We can only do amino profile of the product that wins the poll. This is because Amino profile costs way more than protein test. So it is, currently, not possible for us to do amino profile for all products.

  10. Kaka says:

    For the First 3 days I suffered from Diarrhea
    Then for next 3-4 days constipation
    I returned the product
    Is is very pure ?
    That’s why it happened ??

    1. ankuchak says:

      Difficult to tell. We never faced this. but please do talk to the company for this experience.

  11. Ranjit Thakur says:

    Nakpro should provide protien bars too

  12. Darshan Fancy says:

    Please review for Nakpro Gold Whey Protein Concentrate 80%.

  13. Lalit Kumar says:

    Sir please test ultimate nutrition prostar. Bcoz mostly people like me.. always buy this whey and plzz suggest which brand of creatine and citrulline malate is good ….

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