Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are a set of questions that we find very obvious or someone has already asked and we found these to be quite important.

Why Register?

It's easy to communicate with viewers and cater to the needs if the whole thing is organized. Moreover to make our operations possible, we need some type of revenue channel. Thus the registration process.

Where do you get you lab tests done from?

So far, we get our lab tests done from Equinox lab and Eurofins labs.

Nitrogen Content Factor

Its is very important to understand how our lab reports are furnished calculated. Historically nitrogen content in protein based food was calculated based on the formula N * 6.25 where 6.25 is 1/0.16. This comes from the assumption that the average nitrogen found in protein was about 16 percent. However, later, post 1941, it was decided that 6.25 alone cannot be the single factor to calculate protein content. Thus N*h was assumed as the new formula, where h is a factor that changes based on the food to be tested.

Some laboratories use 6.38 as the factor h while some keep on using 6.25. All our tests are done on 6.25 factor.

So what does this mean. This means, if someone has done a lab report based on 6.38 of the same product that we did based on 6.25 factor, then our report will most likely show 2% less content of protein, if N, the nitrogen deposited in both cases is the same.

Can you explain the points system that you use for products?

Absolutely. Here is the explanation for each parameter.

Protein Content Dry: The percentage of protein on the Dry Basis (Generally company claimed value)

Protein Content As Is: The percentage of protein on the As Is Basis (If lab tested, then the actual value, else we deduct 7 from the dry basis value)

Solubility/Mixability: This is a percentage calculation based on how fast and well the product mixed. More lumps would make this number to go down.

Value for Money: This is a scaled value. We have made a fixed value of INR 500 as the maximum value for 100 gm of protein (not scoop). Now, whatever the actual price of the product is, we provide a negative percentage of that as Value for Money. Meaning the less costlier the more VFM value. And we consider the lab tested protein content (AS IS) and not the advertised content. For Example, if MyFavProtein costs INR 150 for 100 gm protein, then it's would be 100-((150/500)*100)=70.