About Us


The Values

The driving factor behind everything we do on 20KgDown is the set of values we swear by. And there those are, plain and simple.

Be Unbiased

Be Positive

Be Transparent

Our Story

20KgDown was started as a Youtube channel. The primary aim of the channel was to spread unbiased and transparent knowledge about fitness for everyone. Slowly the channel took a direction more inclined towards unbiased fitness product reviews. And this eventually led to establishing this service where members can access blogs, news, product review and ranking that are backed by laboratory reports.

Meet the Team

Currently we are basically a one man team. However, as we grow our services, we would need support from some more energetic human beings.

Course Certificate Ankur Chakraborty



Ankur Chakraborty loves cooking, staying fit and taking photos. He's a loving husband of a wonderful lady and a loving father of a one in a million kid.

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