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20KgDown has been there for about 4 years now. Mostly Youtube videos. But it’s time for something more involved. Something that can help the fitness community to make informed decisions.

The driving factor behind 20KgDown Labs ( The supplement ranking platform ) is the huge amount of misinformation and misleading information by fitness gurus. It happened in the western world and not it’s happening here in India.

The whey protein market is expected to get to $35 Billion by 2022. Anybody and everybody would try to get a chunk of it, no matter what the size. And to do that companies (some of these) would, eventually, use malpractices.

This is where 20KgDown Labs come in. We would stand in the gates, right before the consumer, with a whole lot of information about a supplement (beginning with whey protein). We will have manual tests, lab tests and many more to support the rating/ranking that we would provide. This way the consumer will not be sitting duck.

We need your support as always. Big things are coming. Stay with us. 🙂

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